About Me


Hello and thanks for stopping by. I’m John Millist, a Web Designer with a strong leaning towards UX Design and have been designing and building websites since 2005. I also love to be involved with Design and Branding. Basically, I don’t like sitting still.

I’m originally from South East London, which explains my choice of Football Team (the mighty Charlton). Moved to Birmingham in 2008 to for a Graphic and Web Design role. Met and married my welsh wife and had our two sons (goodness knows what kind of accent they will have). It’s been a busy few years!

I’m a Christian and my faith is the foundation in everything I do. Don’t worry though, I’m not one of those oddball religious types. I don’t own a briefcase, I hardly ever wear a suit and I have no interest in train spotting.

I have a love for Tea and Chocolate, pie and mash (I am from South London), anything that makes me laugh, The Walking Dead and pretty much any film. I run a local mens football team and still believe I can make it as a professional footballer (never let ability get in the way of a dream!).



Building websites is my 9-5 and how do I love it! From meeting clients to delving into code I manage projects from start to finish. Using HTML5, CSS, WordPress, Joomla (other CMS’ are available) or a bit of PHP or Javascript, there is a tool for every web project and I take great pride in learning and mastering every aspect of Web Development. I help to deliver an online experience that reflects an organisations values and ethos. I also offer my services to any church in need of a website as I have a special interest in Church Web Design.


Pretty websites do not equal good websites (common graphic designer thinking). Which is where User Experience Design comes in. With every website I design and build, the end user is the priority. Planning user behaviour and flows, site aims and objectives, research, testing and much more is part of UX Design, making it easy for a user to get from A to B in as pleasant a way as possible. UX Design is not optional, it is at the very heart of a websites design.


Search Engine Optimisation (making your site readable by search engines), is a fine art. With every update Google brings to its search algorithm, it becomes increasingly difficult to buy or cheat your way to the top. Which is good news! Instead, it falls to developers (like me) to build well structured sites, with good content and highlighted areas to promote a site to the search engines. On site and off site SEO relies on many factors, it’s my job to know what does and doesn’t work.


I offer web hosting to any organisation that needs it at a reasonable rate. My hosting is secure and monitored 24 hours a day with regular backups taken of websites on it. This means, that your site is very secure from hackers and should the worse happen, your site can be restored to a pre-hack state.


With a background in Print Design I still have a bit of my heart devoted to it. I can create any marketing material you need including stationery, brochures, flyers, menus and adverts. I Design well structured, eye catching pieces to enhance your organisations image.


More then just a logo! I design branding for organisations to enhance their image and to better reflect their values and ethos. This can include anything from a logo to imagery and fonts. I develop brands that set organisations apart from their competitors.



Front End Development, where I spend most of my time, means I use HTML5, CSS and Javascript. All sites are built in a responsive framework, more often then not, Twitter Bootstrap. I mainly like to use Sublime Text 2 to do my coding in.


I have a good working knowledge of PHP and MYSQL and am working towards learning, Ruby and JSNode.


Most sites I build these days are usually in WordPress, Joomla or Magento. I also can develop a site in the Umbraco CMS.


I spend a good amount of time in the Adobe Suite, using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects as well as using other software like Tumults Hype.